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What we do

We will help plan projects for your home or property to gain the best equity in your investment. Whether you are looking to refinance or want to sell. We can help plan future projects and keep you on budget. We are up on the newest trends to get the biggest bang for your buck. 

Orange Wall

Growing your value

We work on projects in phases, each phase has a specific benefit to keep your project on track.


Phase 1 – Budget and Planning

Phase 2 - Evaluate Equity

Phase 3 – Gather materials, permits and any custom tool requirements

Phase 4 – Perform work on a planned schedule

See phases section for details

Modern House Exterior

Realizing your equity

Having a beautiful finished product is important to us, however what is more important, is that you understand how the investments you have made into your home or property has added value and increased your net total equity.  When you go to sell, you will have confidence that you can get a higher asking price and more offers in an ever growing competitive market.

Roof Garden

Phase One

Budget & Planning

We plan out projects that are requested and help explore new low-cost project opportunities for your home or property. 

Blueprint Design

Phase Two

Evaluating Equity

We work with select seasoned realtors to evaluate planned work to ensure the work is a net-value increase for your home or property.

Lumber Selection at Hardware Store

Phase Three

Gather materials, permits & and special tools

At this time we acquire needed materials and if needed, we will consult with the city to be sure all permits are in place for your project.

Carpenter at Work

Phase Four

Preform work on planned schedule

To ensure your project stays on track and on budget we plan a schedule of work to be performed.

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